New Canadian Agricultural Partnership to Help Position Canada as a Leader in the Global Economy

Source: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada The agriculture and agri-food sector is a key growth industry in Canada, contributing over $100 billion annually to the economy and employing 2.3 million Canadians. Ministers of Agriculture reached agreement today on the key...

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Statement from DFC in reaction to government’s Dairy Farm Investment Program

Source: Dairy Farmers of Canada On August 1st, the Government of Canada announced the administrative details of the $250 million Dairy Farm Investment Program that will be implemented to mitigate some of the negative impact on Canada’s dairy farmers...

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Advancing an Innovative and Competitive Dairy Sector

Source: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada news release A strong dairy industry and a competitive agricultural sector are vital to Canada’s prosperity, creating good jobs, growing the middle class, and bringing high-quality products to the tables of Canadian consumers. Budget...

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THYMOX™ Announces Enviro-Tech as Exclusive North American Distributor for Dairy Market

Source: EconoTimes THYMOX™, the innovative, botanically-derived brand of animal health products by Laboratoire M2, has announced an exclusive North American distribution agreement with Enviro-Tech LLC, a subsidiary of Eakin Enterprises Inc., for THYMOX FOOTBATH™ and THYMOX HOOFCARE™. The distribution...

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Measures protecting Canadian dairy industry under fire at U.S. NAFTA hearing

Source: CBC News Canadian measures to protect the dairy industry came under the microscope at a U.S. congressional hearing on revamping the North American Free Trade Agreement Tuesday, suggesting the Liberal government will have a tough time convincing legislators...

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Phibro Animal Health Corporation to Utilize New Research in Serving the Dairy Industry

Recent Findings Presented at the American Dairy Science Association 2017 Annual Meeting Will Help Producers with Feeding and Management Methods. Phibro Animal Health Corporation supported several research studies presented at the American Dairy Science Association (ADSA) 2017 Annual Meeting...

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GEA brings automation to the barn with the FRone feed pusher

Source: Press Release – GEA The FRone automated feed pusher from GEA works around the clock to keep fresh, high-quality feed at the bunk, maximizing your cows’ production potential while giving you back countless hours of valuable time. “Dairy...

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Canadian dairy farmers celebrate World Milk Day

Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) is pleased to share how we celebrate the vibrant dairy industry in Canada on World Milk Day. “World Milk Day is a great time to invite everyone to take a moment and enjoy a...

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Farmers in Maxime Bernier’s riding vote against him for supply management ‘lie’

Source: CBC News Local MP promised to protect set prices and quotas before election, then changed his tune for leadership bid Maxime Bernier’s quest to become leader of the Conservative Party of Canada has inspired more than a thousand farmers in...

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Silage Trial Shows Dow Seeds bm3 BMR Increases Milk Potential

The latest research from The William H. Miner Agricultural Research Institute in Chazy, NY confirms that the Dow Seeds™ brand brown midrib-3 (bm3) BMR silage corn leads to increased milk production. The Miner Institute conducted the trial to evaluate...

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Researching digital dermatitis in cattle

Source: University of Calgary Many University of Calgary Faculty of Veterinary Medicine professors split their time between research projects and clinical work at veterinary clinics across Alberta. For Dr. Karin Orsel, who researches lameness in cattle, specializing in foot diseases, Veterinary Agri-Health Services in Airdrie is her clinical home. While conducting research, Orsel and her

Preventing Milk Fevers

Source: Government of Manitoba Milk fever is one of the more expensive metabolic diseases faced by dairy producers. Costs can easily exceed $400/cow in terms of vet and drugs, discarded milk and lost milk production. Cows with milk fever are also more likely to develop other metabolic diseases including retained placentas and ketosis. As with

New Canadian Agricultural Partnership to Help Position Canada as a Leader in the Global Economy

Source: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada The agriculture and agri-food sector is a key growth industry in Canada, contributing over $100 billion annually to the economy and employing 2.3 million Canadians. Ministers of Agriculture reached agreement today on the key elements of a new federal, provincial, territorial (FPT) agricultural policy framework during the Annual Meeting of

Round 1: Canada stakes out ground as historic NAFTA rewrite begins

  Source: CBC News Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland will push environment, labour standards in trilateral trade deal After months of heated rhetoric and diplomatic groundwork, talks to overhaul the North American Free Trade Agreement will formally begin this week with Canada pushing for more stringent labour and environmental standards in the deal. Canada’s top diplomat,

Animal Care Specialists Focus on Care in Transport by: Jennifer Woods, animal care specialist

Over the past 10 years, the agriculture industry, along with government, has invested significant time, brain-power, and research dollars into improving livestock transport. From environmental management and protection, to welfare indicators, to ideal time in transit, to handling and finally trailer design, all aspects of animal transport have been reviewed in our quest for constant improvement of animal


Source: Agri Marketing magazine According to the Association of Equipment Manufacturers’ monthly “Flash Report,” the sales of all tractors in Canada for July 2017 were down .9% compared to the same month last year. For the year, a total of 13,862 tractors were sold, which compares to 11,880 sold through July 2016, a 17% increase.

Managing Dairy Rations when Feed Prices are Volatile

Source: Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Introduction Profitability in dairy farming is dictated in large measure by managing feed costs and the efficiency by which feed is translated into milk production. Feed and other commodity prices can be very volatile, leading farmers to ask where prices are going and how they can cut

Government now accepting funding applications

Source: Dairy Farmers of Ontario Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada announced it is now accepting applications for the Dairy Farm Investment Program and the Dairy Processing Investment Fund. The Dairy Farm Investment Program is designed to support the productivity and the competitiveness of dairy farmers, and help the sector adapt to the anticipated impacts from the

Wallenstein Feed & Supply Ltd. and suppliers contribute $103,500 to Farm & Food Care Ontario

Source: Farm & Food Care Ontario, News release Wallenstein Feed & Supply Ltd. (WFS), a feed manufacturing company based in Wallenstein, Ontario, has announced a donation of $103,500 to Farm & Food Care Ontario (FFCO). The announcement was made during the grand opening of the company’s state-of-the-art Mill 4 facility on July 22. The amount

Prevention and Control of Foot Problems in Dairy Cows

Source: Extension Introduction Foot health and lameness are major issues facing dairy producers because of their common occurrence and the tremendous economic losses incurred. Early detection and prompt treatment can minimize the loss, improve recovery, and reduce animal suffering. Economic loss is mostly due to the foot problems per se, not the treatment costs. Losses

Milking NAFTA – Why supply management may finally be doomed by: Sylvain Charlebois

Source: Ottawa Citizen Some have claimed that supply management was established as a social contract between farmers and consumers. Our heavily criticized quota regime to support the dairy, egg and poultry industries in Canada was set up decades ago to protect strategic agricultural sectors by implementing high tariffs on imports. Farmers produce what we need

Automatic milking systems: how lameness may be affecting milk production in the herd and what you can do about it by: Meagan King and Emilie Belage

Automatic milking systems (AMS) use has increased in the dairy industry in the last few years. Seven percent of all Canadian dairy farms were using some type of AMS in 2015 according to Statistics Canada. But like all new systems, there are benefits and challenges. A research project investigating lameness in AMS farms (funded by