Source: Government of Manitoba News Release – Canada and Manitoba The Canada and Manitoba governments have invested more than $880,000 in environmentally focused projects to improve and protect Manitoba’s landscape in partnership with conservation districts and farmers, Federal Agriculture...

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New Milestone in Dairy Farmers’ Sustainability Story

Source: Dairy Farmers of Canada On Friday, September 1, 2017, the next phase of Canadian dairy’s sustainability initiative, officially began. Dairy farmers are required to keep additional records about the care and traceability of their animals on the farm,...

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Health Canada publishes consultation on antimicrobial changes

Source: Animal Nutrition Association of Canada Antimicrobial resistance and the potential loss in the effectiveness of antimicrobials for use, especially in human medicine, is a high priority that is shaping regulation and policy in Canada and internationally.  ANAC has...

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Inbreeding Update

Source: Canadian Dairy Network Each year, based on official animal registration and pedigree information within its database, Canadian Dairy Network (CDN) computes current statistics related to the level of inbreeding within the Canadian cow population of each dairy breed. ...

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Campaign to keep dairy in Canada’s Food Guide

Source: Dairy Farmers of Ontario Dairy Farmers of Ontario, together with Dairy Farmers of Canada and all provinces, have started an aggressive campaign to address the concern that proposed changes to Canada’s Food Guide will leave dairy out of...

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DFC Response to the Montreal Economic Institute

Source: Dairy Farmers of Canada On August 17th, 2017, the Montreal Economic Institute released yet another misleading paper in their ideologically fuelled quest to rid Canada of supply management. The paper itself, titled “Does Agricultural Prosperity Require Supply Management?”...

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New Canadian Agricultural Partnership to Help Position Canada as a Leader in the Global Economy

Source: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada The agriculture and agri-food sector is a key growth industry in Canada, contributing over $100 billion annually to the economy and employing 2.3 million Canadians. Ministers of Agriculture reached agreement today on the key...

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Statement from DFC in reaction to government’s Dairy Farm Investment Program

Source: Dairy Farmers of Canada On August 1st, the Government of Canada announced the administrative details of the $250 million Dairy Farm Investment Program that will be implemented to mitigate some of the negative impact on Canada’s dairy farmers...

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Advancing an Innovative and Competitive Dairy Sector

Source: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada news release A strong dairy industry and a competitive agricultural sector are vital to Canada’s prosperity, creating good jobs, growing the middle class, and bringing high-quality products to the tables of Canadian consumers. Budget...

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THYMOX™ Announces Enviro-Tech as Exclusive North American Distributor for Dairy Market

Source: EconoTimes THYMOX™, the innovative, botanically-derived brand of animal health products by Laboratoire M2, has announced an exclusive North American distribution agreement with Enviro-Tech LLC, a subsidiary of Eakin Enterprises Inc., for THYMOX FOOTBATH™ and THYMOX HOOFCARE™. The distribution...

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Dairy consortium meets on campus to set research priorities

Source: UToday About 80 researchers, graduate students, farmers and agricultural organizations from across Western Canada met on campus this week to discuss dairy industry priorities and current and future research projects into dairy cattle. The Dairy Research and Extension Consortium of Alberta (DRECA) is a partnership founded by UCalgary, University of Alberta, Alberta Milk and

Avoiding Fatty Liver

Source: Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Paying attention to body condition score, feed intake and energy metabolism can help minimize the risk of your transition cows falling prey to a common condition known as fatty liver. Even moderate cases of this condition can result in decreased milk production, poorer reproductive performance and reduced

Beta Casein, A2 Milk and Genetics

Source: Canadian Dairy Network How lucky we are to be involved in an industry that produces something unparalleled in its nutrition and processing diversity? Milk is often touted as ‘nature’s most perfect food’, and with good reason thanks to its combination of essential nutrients, proteins and healthy fats. In recent years, a specific milk protein,

Wall of Fame grows once again

Source: Community Press They were giants in their time who changed the course of history. And they’re among the newest crop of innovators to be added onto the Quinte Wall of Fame. Norm McWaters and Keith and Marjorie Donnan of Hastings were joined by Douglas Parks of Prince Edward County, Glen Cole of Northumberland and

New Udder Tech overalls announced for increased farm safety

Source: Udder Tech High Visibility Yellow Waterproof Bibbed Overalls available at World Dairy Expo. Udder Tech, Inc. announces new yellow High Visibility Waterproof Bibbed Overalls. This new product was created to help farm employees stay seen, safe and dry. They will be available starting at World Dairy Expo 2017 in Madison, Wis. “Customers asked for


Source: ZETOR SYSTEM news release ZETOR introduces new generation of ZETOR SYSTEM front loaders. The innovated range of ZQ provides farmers with extended durability, better view from the cabin, greater lifting height, increased rigidity, easier mounting to the tractor and wider options of accessories such as lights or smart display showing the weight of load


Source: University of British Columbia Anyone who works in the dairy industry will be aware that there is tremendous variation in maternity pen design. Part of the reason for this variability is a lack of research on what types of environments are best for the cow while she is giving birth. Research at UBC has

Alberta Supports Growth in Agri-Food Sector

Source: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada news release The federal and provincial governments are supporting the largest ever private investment in Lethbridge’s history. Premier Rachel Notley was in Lethbridge to participate in the sod-turning for Cavendish Farms’ new $360-million, state-of-the-art frozen potato-processing facility that will see up to 400 construction workers on site at its peak.


Source: Landmark Feeds How do we avoid the corn “slump”? Depending on harvest conditions (wet vs. dry) we see various degrees of the “slump”. On wetter years or years when silage has been planted late or harvested at an immature stage the slump is avoided or reduced. The following describes some of the solutions to

New Entrant Quota Assistance Program

Source: Dairy Farmers of Ontario Dairy Farmers of Ontario’s (DFO) New Entrant Quota Assistance Program is designed to assist those with an interest in dairy farming who may not otherwise have the financial means or opportunity to get started in the industry. The P5 makes available 112 kilograms of quota per year for the program

Status of Alberta dairy hoof health and how footbaths can help us improve it by: Dr. Karin Orsel, Emilie Belage

The University of Calgary Lameness Research Team has been hard at work studying the use and effectiveness of footbaths on Alberta dairies. While there is progress to be made in proper usage, the good news is results indicate footbaths are an effective tool in decreasing the prevalence of digital dermatitis (DD). The Alberta Dairy Hoof

Federal government gives Quebec dairy coop a financial boost

Source: Food in Canada A $1 million repayable contribution will help Nutrinor Coopérative expand and upgrade its plant in Quebec The Canada Economic Development (CED) for Quebec Regions has awarded $1 million in financial assistance to Nutrinor Coopérative. In a statement, the federal government office says the funding is a repayable contribution made through CED’s