Dairy Genetics

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Genetic selection of cattle for improved immunity and health.

Source: US National Library of Medicine Mallard BA, Emam M, Paibomesai M, Thompson-Crispi K, Wagter-Lesperance L. Abstract The immune system is a sensing structure composed of tissues and molecules that are well integrated with the neuroendocrine system. This integrate system ensures non-self from self-discrimination. In this capacity the immune system provides detection and protection from

Error of Emission? GE3LS Research Finds Dairy Disconnect

Source: Genome Alberta, Geoff Geddes Do you ever feel that you and your partner are not just on different pages, but in separate libraries? Even the best of friends don’t always see eye-to-eye about their goals and priorities. As Genome Alberta scientists strive to boost feed efficiency and lower methane emissions in dairy cows, part of

What’s new with Jersey genetic evaluations?

Source: Alta Genetics, Tara Bohnert With April proofs, CDCB implemented a few changes to the Jersey genetic model used to calculate proof figures – this includes updates to Jersey genetic calculations. These changes adjust for previous inflation, and should result in more stable and accurate evaluations. What does that mean for you? Here, we break it

Genotyping adds up

Source: Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Lower cost testing can give you a real advantage when it comes to advancing your herd’s genetic progress more quickly The cost of genotyping has dropped to the point where it is opening up possibilities for widespread testing by Canadian dairy producers. In September 2010, the

The Fertility Challenge

Source: Canadian Dairy Network The reproductive performance of your farm has a major impact on its profitability. Each cow’s lifetime profitability is dependent upon repeated cycles of pregnancy, calving, production and dry period. Optimizing fertility levels of a dairy herd requires outstanding management practices in combination with good genetic selection. Due to its complexity, achieving

Haplotypes Impacting Fertility

Source: Select Sires With our growing knowledge about the bovine genome, experts have predicted for some time that we’d likely discover numerous cattle genetic defects. Human genetic researchers estimate that we each carry four or five genetic defects. It’s reasonable to expect that these exist at a similar level in cattle. So, it should not

Haplotypes Affecting Fertility in the Ayrshire Breed

Source: Canadian Dairy Network Although the main benefit of DNA genotyping is for the estimation of genomic evaluations for improved genetic selection and faster rates of genetic progress, there are also other significant benefits.  Of course, one is the confirmation of parents for accurate recording of pedigrees by national breed association like Ayrshire Canada but

Genetic indexes: can one size fit all?

Source: Alta Genetics, Chrissy Meyer Indexes are important genetic selection tools. They combine all significant genetic traits into one package – and get producers away from setting minimum criteria for specific traits. That allows you to focus on creating a next generation of cows that are the right fit for your environment. A global industry standard

Conference Over Down Under, But Benefits Live On

Source: Genome Alberta, Geoff Geddes While your two-year old might disagree, sharing is important. And if you’re dealing with cutting edge technology like genomics, sharing information and learning from others in the field is critical. With that in mind, a team of researchers from the Efficient Dairy Genome Project recently attended the 11th World Congress on Genetics

Two Tools to Reduce Calving Difficulties in Your Herd

Source: Canadian Dairy Network Difficult calvings are costly to dairy producers. Not only do they often impact the dam’s subsequent production ability and health but they can also negatively affect the growth, health and survival of the newborn calf. First time calvers and smaller cows are at highest risk of having a difficult calving so

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