Dairy Genetics

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Traits to cultivate

Source: Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs After graduating from university, I spent a short time managing the family farm. One of the more memorable additions I made to the dairy herd was a heifer named Miranda. She brought with her a special talent-an aversion to being milked. What’s more she could hit!

Dissecting the bovine genome: it’s all in their genes

Source: Holstein Canada, Dr. Christine Baes, Assistant Professor, Department of Animal Bioscience, University of Guelph Genomic selection has become routine. Genotyping promising young animals using SNP-Chips is standard practice on many farms. Current developments allow analysis of the entire hereditary material of an animal. FIGURE 1:Overview from an LD-Chip to sequence information Each base of the

Genetic mutations: menacing or misunderstood?

Source: Genome Alberta, Geoff Geddes Mutations might sound like something from a zombie movie, but they aren’t always evil. For proof, look no further than the Genome Alberta project to develop and apply more accurate genomically-enhanced breeding values for traits of importance to the Canadian dairy industry. In pursuit of their goals, researchers know that working

Genetics 101: genetic gains before and after genomics

Source: Holstein Canada SINCE THE INTRODUCTION OF GENOMICS, we have seen advancements in genetic progress for all traits in the Holstein breed. Though it may be hard to believe, genetic progress has doubled in the years since genomics; it is true! Genomic testing bulls began in 2009. Since that time, all AI bulls are tested

A genome-wide association study of immune response traits in Canadian Holstein cattle

Source: US National Library of Medicine Abstract BACKGROUND: Breeding for enhanced immune response (IR) has been suggested as a tool to improve inherent animal health. Dairy cows with superior antibody-mediated (AMIR) and cell-mediated immune responses (CMIR) have been demonstrated to have a lower occurrence of many diseases including mastitis. Adaptive immune response traits are heritable,

Inbreeding update

Source: Canadian Dairy Network Each year, based on official animal registration and pedigree information within its database, Canadian Dairy Network (CDN) computes current statistics related to the level of inbreeding within the Canadian cow population of each dairy breed.  In this way, the average level of inbreeding for animals born in the most recent complete

August 2018 Genetic Evaluation Notes

Source: Canadian Milking Shorthorn Society A few notes from today’s August 2018 Genetic Evaluations release here in Canada: Sires: CMSS Syndicates sire Lady Grove Conrad gets his first official LPI this round, and he debuts at #3 LPI at +1897.  His EBVs are +293M +34F +0.34% +12P +0.10% +7 Conf 2.85 SCS.  From seeing daughters

CDN Website Tips & Tricks: The Group Query

Source: Canadian Dairy Network This is the second article in a three part series for users to learn how to maximize benefits from the various features of the CDN web site. Many dairy producers are technologically savvy and seek out tools to help them better manage their herds. On the genetic front, the CDN website

CDN Board of Directors Executive Summary – July 2018

Source: Canadian Dairy Network The CDN Board of Directors recently held its quarterly meeting on July 19, 2018 in Quebec City. The following is a summary of actions, recommendations and decisions stemming from this meeting. One of the primary agenda items was a review of the reports and recommendations from the CDN advisory committees, starting

Genome editing in agriculture: methods, applications, and governance

A paper in the series on The Need for Agricultural Innovation to Sustainably Feed the World by 2050 Material excerpted from original CAST document Genome editing is the process of making precise, targeted sequence changes in the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) of living cells.  Genome editing, as it is most frequently practiced, uses reagents that

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