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Genome editing in agriculture: methods, applications, and governance

A paper in the series on The Need for Agricultural Innovation to Sustainably Feed the World by 2050 Material excerpted from original CAST document Genome editing is the process of making precise, targeted sequence changes in the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) of living cells.  Genome editing, as it is most frequently practiced, uses reagents that

The genetic guide to healthier cows

Source: Alta Genetics, Chrissy Meyer Industry buzz has been booming about new genetic programs that promise to create healthier cows. That means it’s the perfect time to revisit the impact that selection for Productive Life within your genetic plan can have on the overall health and longevity of your cows. The Productive Life (PL) number that

Greenbacks for a Greener Planet: Will Producers Buy In?

Source: Alberta Genome, Geoff Geddes For some, going green is like having your dream wedding: a great idea if someone else foots the bill. That’s a concern for researchers on the Efficient Dairy Genome Project led by Genome Alberta. In their quest to raise feed efficiency and lower methane emissions in dairy cows, they must

New Expression for Somatic Cell Score Evaluations

Source: Canadian Dairy Network Dairy producers are highly aware of the importance of good udder health on milk quality, animal health and the general profitability of the dairy herd. For decades now, milk recording services in Canada have included the analysis of milk samples for somatic cell count and this same data has been used

Recombinetics, Semex announce agreement for precision breeding dairy cattle

Source: Semex news release Recombinetics has formed an alliance with Semex, a Canadian-based, farmer-owned cattle genetics organization, to implement a precision breeding program that improves animal health and well-being through hornless dairy cattle genetics. The dehorning of calves is a routine procedure, designed to prevent injuries both to other animals and to handlers. This is

Relationships of Rump with Fertility & Calving Performance

Source: Canadian Dairy Network The dairy cattle breeding world has long promoted the importance of structurally sound rumps. Proper rump conformation has been touted as a promoter of fertility and calving ease. In this article we take a closer look at these relationships as well as genetic selection to improve them. The Impact of Rump

The 40,000 Pound Herd

Source: Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs It seemed not long ago that I sat through a seminar on managing the 30,000-pound herd. I recently attended a half-day seminar, just 10 years later, with experts talking about feeding, reproduction and genetics for herds averaging 40,000 pounds. That’s a lot of milk. It averages

Genetic selection of cattle for improved immunity and health.

Source: US National Library of Medicine Mallard BA, Emam M, Paibomesai M, Thompson-Crispi K, Wagter-Lesperance L. Abstract The immune system is a sensing structure composed of tissues and molecules that are well integrated with the neuroendocrine system. This integrate system ensures non-self from self-discrimination. In this capacity the immune system provides detection and protection from

Error of Emission? GE3LS Research Finds Dairy Disconnect

Source: Genome Alberta, Geoff Geddes Do you ever feel that you and your partner are not just on different pages, but in separate libraries? Even the best of friends don’t always see eye-to-eye about their goals and priorities. As Genome Alberta scientists strive to boost feed efficiency and lower methane emissions in dairy cows, part of

What’s new with Jersey genetic evaluations?

Source: Alta Genetics, Tara Bohnert With April proofs, CDCB implemented a few changes to the Jersey genetic model used to calculate proof figures – this includes updates to Jersey genetic calculations. These changes adjust for previous inflation, and should result in more stable and accurate evaluations. What does that mean for you? Here, we break it

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