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Conference Over Down Under, But Benefits Live On

Source: Genome Alberta, Geoff Geddes While your two-year old might disagree, sharing is important. And if you’re dealing with cutting edge technology like genomics, sharing information and learning from others in the field is critical. With that in mind, a team of researchers from the Efficient Dairy Genome Project recently attended the 11th World Congress on Genetics

Two Tools to Reduce Calving Difficulties in Your Herd

Source: Canadian Dairy Network Difficult calvings are costly to dairy producers. Not only do they often impact the dam’s subsequent production ability and health but they can also negatively affect the growth, health and survival of the newborn calf. First time calvers and smaller cows are at highest risk of having a difficult calving so

Dairy Genomic Selection

Source: Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Fact Sheet The use of genomic information in genetic evaluation has brought about revolutionary change in dairy cattle selection. Genomic evaluations increase the accuracy of genetic evaluations and have the potential to rapidly increase the rate of genetic improvement in many traits. Their use is especially

The high value of low heritability

Source: Alta Genetics, Chrissy Meyer Most of us misunderstand heritability. In simple terms, for any given trait, heritability tells us how much of the difference in actual performance is due to genetics, as opposed to management or the environment. To better understand, think about two cows in two different herds. How much of the difference in

Genetic selection of cattle for improved immunity and health.

Source: PubMeb, Mallard BA, Emam M, Paibomesai M, Thompson-Crispi K, Wagter-Lesperance L. Abstract The immune system is a sensing structure composed of tissues and molecules that are well integrated with the neuroendocrine system. This integrate system ensures non-self from self-discrimination. In this capacity the immune system provides detection and protection from a wide range of pathogens.

Dairy Researchers Reading Clues and Making News

Source: Genome Alberta, Geoff Geddes  Researchers and detectives have something in common: They both read clues and make deductions to achieve success. While they aren’t tracking down criminals, the brains behind a Genome Alberta dairy project know that impacting feed efficiency and methane emissions in dairy cattle is a goal well worth pursuing. Like great detectives,

Heifer Re-Ranking with Genomic Testing

Source: Canadian Dairy Network In Canada, the majority of dairy producers have at least tried, for one reason or another, genomic testing heifers in their herd. Some saw very little value and/or did not know what to do with the results while other herd owners have adopted a policy to automatically genotype every heifer born

A First Step to Improved Hoof Health: Digital Dermatitis

Source: Dairy Research Blog Canada will have its first genetic and genomic evaluations for Digital Dermatitis (DD) in December 2017, which is the first step towards the direct genetic improvement of hoof health in Canadian Holsteins. This success story has resulted from various research initiatives since 2009, culminating to a national project funded under the

Embryo Transfer Activity in Canada: A Snapshot Look

Source: Canadian Dairy Network Embryo transfer (ET) has been commercially available for over 40 years as a means of increasing the number of progeny from a given female. The main objective has always been for breeders to select the best animals in their herd and use ET to produce more daughters as herd replacements and


Source: GENEX news release GENEX will begin marketing dairy and beef cattle genetics across the globe under one brand name. Previously the organization’s cattle genetics were marketed under the GENEX brand name within the USA and Canada, while the same products were distributed globally by Cooperative Resources International (CRI) – the parent company of GENEX.

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