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Establishment is the most important success in the longevity of an alfalfa stand. Selecting the correct variety, preparing the seedbed and seeding at the correct rates will help you have a successful establishment. Variety Selection One of the most important starting points is to select the most appropriate variety of forage to seed. Each variety

Healthy feed means healthy milk: The science behind omega-3-enriched dairy

When consumed, omega-3 fatty acids help reduce the chances of heart disease and cancer, and they lower the rates of obesity. It stands to reason then that one should consume more omega-3 fatty acids. As a result, functional-food producers have begun incorporating them into eggs and other products through the use of animal feeds, a

Faba Beans as Protein in Livestock Feed

With many feed ingredients available to producers, protein is still a sought after nutrient, not necessarily due to a lack of availability, but the fluctuating, yet increasing costs associated with protein. One potential solution may be the botanically named Vicia faba, common name “faba bean”. This bean is also known to have various other common

Commodity Feeds for Dairy Herds in Western Canada

David M. GibsonRitchie-Smith Feeds, Inc., Box 366, 33777 Enterprise Avenue, Abbotsford, B.C., Canada V2S 4N9  Take Home Messages Commodity feeding versus traditional “complete” feeds appears to save between $25 to $30/tonne. However, partial budget analysis on a 200 cow operation shows a real savings of approximately $8/tonne. Feed program flexibility can be enhanced with commodity

Silage Trial Shows Dow Seeds bm3 BMR Increases Milk Potential

The latest research from The William H. Miner Agricultural Research Institute in Chazy, NY confirms that the Dow Seeds™ brand brown midrib-3 (bm3) BMR silage corn leads to increased milk production. The Miner Institute conducted the trial to evaluate yield and quality for bm1, bm3 and non-BMR hybrids in 2015. Hybrids were arranged in a

Lallemand: 4 Keys For Effective Probiotic Use

Source: Lallemand news release The benefits of probiotics keep adding up for livestock producers. Research shows that including probiotics in rations can improve producers’ return-on-investment through better feed efficiency, increased production or even more robust immune responses.1 “With benefits like these, feeding a probiotic can easily pay off – but not every probiotic is worth

Balancing Dairy Heifer Rations

If you’re planning to accelerate your heifer-rearing program you may want to examine your heifers’ rations Dairy farmers and their advisers have been paying more attention to raising heifers in the last five years, with good results. There are many reasons for this, including a new and better focus on raising milk-fed calves, greater awareness

BioZyme: Considerations For Getting Weaned Calves To The Bunk

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Source: BioZyme news release It’s time to start thinking about weaning those fall-born calves, and although you expect to hear some upset mama cows and calves for a few days, there are ways to eliminate stress in the calves and keep them healthy by getting them to the bunk to eat. Twig Marston, Beef Business

Cool Cows on Hot Days – Avoid Heat Stress

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By Kathleen Shore, Ruminant Nutritionist, New-Life Mills When temperatures are high, cows are no longer able to lose heat by emitting it to their surroundings (radiation), passing it to the ground (conduction) or passing it to the air (convection). The only way for them to dissipate their heat load is by evaporation: breathing and sweating.

Dairy farmers should rethink a cow’s curfew, says UBC researchers

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Source: University of British Columbia Press Release Dairy cows housed indoors want to break curfew and roam free, suggests new research from the University of British Columbia, published today in Scientific Reports. Dan Weary & Marina von Keyserlingk found cows are motivated to access pasture as much as fresh feed. The study measured how much

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