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Source: Landmark Feeds How do we avoid the corn “slump”? Depending on harvest conditions (wet vs. dry) we see various degrees of the “slump”. On wetter years or years when silage has been planted late or harvested at an immature stage the slump is avoided or reduced. The following describes some of the solutions to

Understanding Feed Test Reports

Source: Government of Prince Edward Island Introduction The quantity and quality of feed offered to livestock has a significant impact on livestock productivity, growth and reproductive performance. In addition, feed cost remains the single largest variable cost associated with livestock production. Thus, a properly balanced feeding program is critical to the profitability of any livestock

Yeasts and Molds in Animal Feed

Source: Landmark Feeds Feeds containing significant levels of molds can cause a wide range of health problems in livestock. Preferably, feeds containing very high levels of total molds (over 1,000,000 CFU/gram) should not be fed at all. Feeds containing lower but still significant levels can be diluted or rationed down to safer levels with clean

Hulless Barley in Dairy Diets

Source: Government of Manitoba The release of a new variety, Falcon, is generating considerable interest in hulless barley this spring. Falcon, a variety developed in Alberta, is not recommended for growing in Manitoba because of its poor rust resistance. In spite of this, it is expected that almost 40,000 acres of Falcon will be seeded

Managing Dairy Rations when Feed Prices are Volatile

Source: Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Introduction Profitability in dairy farming is dictated in large measure by managing feed costs and the efficiency by which feed is translated into milk production. Feed and other commodity prices can be very volatile, leading farmers to ask where prices are going and how they can cut

Utilization of wheat-based distillers in grains as a feed for lactating dairy cows

Source: Alberta Milk – U of A: Masahito Oba Background: Western Canadian dried distillers grains with soluble (DDGS) production is currently produced from a mixture of wheat and corn grain, or just wheat. Although DDGS becomes available at low costs and feeding values have been studied extensively, the specific effects of wheat based relative to corn-based


Establishment is the most important success in the longevity of an alfalfa stand. Selecting the correct variety, preparing the seedbed and seeding at the correct rates will help you have a successful establishment. Variety Selection One of the most important starting points is to select the most appropriate variety of forage to seed. Each variety

Healthy feed means healthy milk: The science behind omega-3-enriched dairy

When consumed, omega-3 fatty acids help reduce the chances of heart disease and cancer, and they lower the rates of obesity. It stands to reason then that one should consume more omega-3 fatty acids. As a result, functional-food producers have begun incorporating them into eggs and other products through the use of animal feeds, a

Faba Beans as Protein in Livestock Feed

With many feed ingredients available to producers, protein is still a sought after nutrient, not necessarily due to a lack of availability, but the fluctuating, yet increasing costs associated with protein. One potential solution may be the botanically named Vicia faba, common name “faba bean”. This bean is also known to have various other common

Commodity Feeds for Dairy Herds in Western Canada

David M. GibsonRitchie-Smith Feeds, Inc., Box 366, 33777 Enterprise Avenue, Abbotsford, B.C., Canada V2S 4N9  Take Home Messages Commodity feeding versus traditional “complete” feeds appears to save between $25 to $30/tonne. However, partial budget analysis on a 200 cow operation shows a real savings of approximately $8/tonne. Feed program flexibility can be enhanced with commodity

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