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Why Bypass Protein May Not Work

Source: Manitoba Agriculture Food, and Rural Initiatives Many research projects have shown that feeding undegradable, or bypass, protein supplements has a positive effect on milk production. Common sources of undegradable protein are dried distillers grains, blood meal, meat and bone meal, corn gluten meal and feather meal. Generally, any cow producing over 5 kg milk/100 kg

Calf to Calving – Where can you improve?

Source: Hi-Pro Feeds Successful dairy operations recognize dairy heifers as an investment – the future of their herd and business. They are valuable assets that must be given adequate time and attention, cared for, and provided with optimal nutrition and the best environment. Importance of Sound Heifer Management Sound nutrition and management of heifers from

Determining Relative Feed Value

Source: Government of Saskatchewan Relative Feed Value – A Tool for Determining Alfalfa Quality The Concept of Relative Feed Value Feed value is an important factor when buying or selling hay. Buyers and sellers require an accurate and effective way of communicating the quality of hay using a method that best describes the feed value

Can You Feed Too Much Protein?

Source: Manitoba Agriculture Food, and Rural Initiatives The answer is yes! Almost everyone has had experience with cows scouring when placed on pasture or if fed a high protein forage. Of more importance, however, is the effect that high dietary protein levels can have on reproduction. As we have discussed before, feeds differ in their proportions

Moulds and Mycotoxins – Sampling Feed to Test for Mycotoxins

Source: Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs What to sample for mycotoxins tests: If feeding a total mixed ration (TMR), sample it for mycotoxins first. If the TMR test result is positive then individually sample suspect ingredients including silages and concentrates. If grain and forages are fed separately, then test them individually. Sample individual


Source: Landmark Feeds How do we avoid the corn “slump”? Depending on harvest conditions (wet vs. dry) we see various degrees of the “slump”. On wetter years or years when silage has been planted late or harvested at an immature stage the slump is avoided or reduced. The following describes some of the solutions to

Understanding Feed Test Reports

Source: Government of Prince Edward Island Introduction The quantity and quality of feed offered to livestock has a significant impact on livestock productivity, growth and reproductive performance. In addition, feed cost remains the single largest variable cost associated with livestock production. Thus, a properly balanced feeding program is critical to the profitability of any livestock

Yeasts and Molds in Animal Feed

Source: Landmark Feeds Feeds containing significant levels of molds can cause a wide range of health problems in livestock. Preferably, feeds containing very high levels of total molds (over 1,000,000 CFU/gram) should not be fed at all. Feeds containing lower but still significant levels can be diluted or rationed down to safer levels with clean

Hulless Barley in Dairy Diets

Source: Government of Manitoba The release of a new variety, Falcon, is generating considerable interest in hulless barley this spring. Falcon, a variety developed in Alberta, is not recommended for growing in Manitoba because of its poor rust resistance. In spite of this, it is expected that almost 40,000 acres of Falcon will be seeded

Managing Dairy Rations when Feed Prices are Volatile

Source: Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Introduction Profitability in dairy farming is dictated in large measure by managing feed costs and the efficiency by which feed is translated into milk production. Feed and other commodity prices can be very volatile, leading farmers to ask where prices are going and how they can cut

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