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Focus on Feet: Wet feet may be okay for ducks but moisture can lead to cows on the limp

Source: Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Providing dry footing for your herd may be one of the keys to promoting healthy hooves. One group of researchers has been looking into the notion that environmental conditions on some farms may be causing changes to feet that make cows more prone to foot ailments.


Source: Grober Nurtition Changing seasons, and challenging seasonal extremes (cold, heat and humidity), add extra challenges for a young calf and the caregivers management must be dynamic in order to provide optimal care. A reminder of calf needs should be outlined, especially with the primary calf worker(s). Topics of focus should involve: Optimal nutrition, the

Feeding Heat Stressed Dairy Cows

In Manitoba, cattle undergo both cold and heat stress during the course of a year. During the winter months, cold stress is the result of both temperature and windspeed. In the summer months, the degree of heat stress is determined by the temperature-humidity index (THI) – a combination of temperature and humidity For example, the

Lower pregnancy losses in lactating dairy cows fed a ration containing flaxseed

Source: Alberta Agriculture and Forestry Fatty acids can help improve energy balance and enhance reproduction Due to their caloric density, dietary fats may reduce the harmful negative energy balance that commonly occurs at the beginning of lactation, improving reproductive performance. In addition, polyunsaturated long chain fatty acids like α-linolenic acid (ALA) seem to have a


Antibiotics are a useful tool on the farm. Farmers continue to practice responsible antibiotic use when an animal becomes sick and needs to be cared for and treated. Both human and animal medicine are experiencing challenges of certain antibiotic resistances, lending to changes in rules and regulations – a post antibiotic era is a real

5 C’s Of Calf Care

Source: Grober Nutrition Every producer has individual opportunities and challenges due to their housing environment and management strategy. The key to maximizing growth, health, and long-term profitability is establishing a sound system of care for your pre-ruminant livestock. No matter the system you choose, ensuring these 5 keys to management are acknowledged and defined for

Avoiding Milk Fever

Ensuring transition cows get the right diet puts them on the path to absorbing more calcium and staying healthy Ensuring your cows can mobilize calcium efficiently in the early stages of lactation will improve your herd’s overall health status, and your farm’s bottom line. Otherwise, a common metabolic disorder, best known as milk fever, even

Biozyme: Tips To Reduce And Handle Heat Stress In Livestock

Source: Biozyme news release Warmer temperatures are quickly approaching, and that means livestock producers should start considering how to help their animals handle the heat. Heat stress is almost inevitable, but some management practices can be implemented to help animals better cope with rising temperatures. All mammals regulate their internal body temperature involuntarily. Heat stress

Antibiotic Alternative For Cattle Now Available To Canadian Veterinarians

NovaVive Inc., a Canadian immunobiology company, today announced that its cattle immunotherapeutic – Amplimune™ – is now available to Canadian veterinarians. The product recently received approval from the Canadian regulatory authority (CFIA). The product is also approved for sale in the U.S. Amplimune is a potent immunomodulator that reduces the clinical signs and mortality associated

Introducing FIRSTgro™ Calf from Grober

ACTIVATE A NATURAL DEFENSE – Spray dried whole egg product Grober Nutrition’s FIRSTgro™ Research A research trial was conducted at Delft Blue Veal Farm to determine the effectiveness of FIRSTgro™ on the presence of scours. Calves were housed in individual pens and fed milk replacer throughout the trial. Calf starting age was between 2 to

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