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On NAFTA: Don’t Blink! by: Pierre Lampron

With Ministers from Canada, the United States, and Mexico converging on Washington this week for what could be a final push to close out the renegotiation of NAFTA, dairy farmers’ message to the Canadian negotiating team is simple: don’t blink! To this point, the Canadian team, led by Minister Freeland and Chief Negotiator Steve Verheul,

Protect the One and Only Sm1 Gene by: Midge Tolerant Wheat Stewardship Team

Anyone who has grown Midge Tolerant Wheat is familiar with Sm1 – the single gene responsible for midge tolerance. Growers of Midge Tolerant Wheat count on Sm1 to protect their crop yield and quality and follow specific stewardship practices to preserve its effectiveness. If tolerance is lost, it could cost growers $60 million annually and

Would the real factory farm owner, please stand up by: Kim Waalderbos

I must confess: I’m a word and math nerd. I’ve been intrigued by how letters and numbers puzzle together for as long as I can remember. Yet, one puzzle has me stumped. Factory farming. You see, in my three decades (and counting) in agriculture, I’ve never heard anyone in farming actually use this term to

How Dairy Farmers Care for the Land by: Ron Maynard

On April 22, we celebrate Earth Day by recognizing the importance that a healthy earth plays in maintaining a healthy dairy farm. In Canada, we are fortunate to have fertile lands to provide our nation with nutritious, delicious, and safe food products. And, as a dairy farmer and a proud Canadian, I appreciate the bounty

Response to Maxime Bernier’s comments on Supply Management by: Jacques Lefebvre

I’m falling into the trap! Yes, I am drawing attention to Maxime Bernier’s comments on supply management, in advance of the publication of his book entitled Doing Politics Differently: My Vision for Canada The failed former leadership candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada appears to be trying to rebuild his political relevance through attacks

A Day in the Life: How a Dairy Farmer Trains for Marathons by: Tom Hoogendoorn

I am a dairy farmer in British Columbia who decided to take up running. But not just any running — marathon running. Being a busy dairy guy I thought I had no time to exercise until one day I looked in the mirror and decided I didn’t want to continue to be out of shape. Life

DFC Responds to Globe and Mail on Supply Management by: Pierre Lampron

As a Canadian dairy farmer, I find these repeated mischaracterizations by a national newspaper somewhat puzzling. It is completely false to suggest that the retail price of milk is always higher in Canada because of supply management. The retail price for milk in Canada is in line with most other countries – in fact, contrary

My Take on Combine to Customer by: Jennifer Johnson

If you’re a farmer and looking to learn more about the wheat industry and how Canadian wheat is used domestically and around the world, I would highly recommend the Canadian International Grains Institute (Cigi) Combine to Customer program. Cigi is an independent not-for-profit organization working with the grain and field crop value chain in Canada

“The Art of Palpation” An Ode to Repetition by: Shannon Finn

Ahh palpation. Sometimes your hands can be your most valuable diagnostic tool! While small animal vets do rectal palpation (with one finger) to feel for things like anal glands and the prostate gland, the palpation I’m talking about today is rectal palpation in large animals. It truly is one of the most valuable skills to

NAFTA, CPTPP, Mercosur: trade is in the news by: Pierre Lampron

There has been much activity on the international trade front in the past weeks and months, including the conclusion earlier this week of the latest round of North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) re-negotiations. Held in Mexico City, round 7 of the re-negotiations saw some progress with 3 more chapters closed, out of approximately 30.

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