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Dairy sector growth and investments offset by the coming into force of trade agreements by: Les producteurs de lait du Québec

“When I think of the twelve last months, I see progress, positive change, but also a lot of concern for our future. Our sector’s outstanding growth has continued. In concrete terms, milk producers delivered on average over nine million litres of milk per day to the various processing plants. That is a 10% increase from

Family, Self-Sufficiency, and Innovation by: Dairy Farmers of Canada

It was the Porter family’s resiliency and perseverance that led them to found Porter’s Dairy Farm. The farm provided for the family and has fed the community for the past 120 years. When Charlie took over the farm in 1938, he decided that bottling and selling milk door-to-door was the best way to support his

Healthy feet mean happy cows! By: Eastman Welsford

You know that feeling in your feet after you’ve been walking all day? Or when your toe nails get a little too long? Believe it or not, cows can experience the same thing! We use our feet to get around everyday and so taking care of them is important; the same goes for cows. Hoof

Maximize Your Corn Silage Feed Value: Harvest at the Ideal Moisture Content Adam Parker, Maizex Seeds Inc.

One Chance The day that you choose to harvest your corn silage can actually have the most significant affect on quality out of all of the management decisions.  The moisture content of your silage greatly impacts how well your feed stores, ferments and ultimately determines feed quality. It is very important to harvest your corn

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Loving large animal medicine more day-by-day By: Kristen Dienst

When I first thought about becoming a veterinarian, I have to admit that the thought of working with large animals hardly crossed my mind. Although I’ve always loved all animals, I had also always lived in the city and had only touched a horse or cow a handful of times growing up. Getting to work

Going global makes world of difference for dairy research By: Geoff Geddes

Despite the rhetoric from many parts of the globe, cooperating with other countries is a good thing. For proof, look no further than the “Efficient Dairy Genome Project” and its approach to data collection. In targeting feed efficiency and methane emission traits in dairy cattle using genomics, researchers knew that to construct a proper database,

Why help target Canadian dairy farmers? by: Dairy Farmers of Canada

No doubt Martha Hall Findlay would get the approval of President Trump for her targeting of dairy farmers and supply management. Instead of pretending hard working dairy farmers are somehow rolling in millions, she could spend some time on a Canadian dairy farm. She would realize that a dairy farm is a complex operation which

Transitioning from the classroom to the clinic by: Manali Desai

It’s bizarre how the past three years of vet school have flown by in the blink of an eye. I can still remember being that wide-eyed first year who was keen to learn everything under the sun. Each year was markedly different than the one before, and while the days and weeks seemed to last

8 facts you should know about milk and antibiotics by: Guy Séguin

Are you confident that Canadian milk on your store shelves is free of antibiotics? You should be! Here are eight reasons why: It is the law! In Canada, all milk is tested for antibiotic residues before a processing plant will accept it. How sensitive are the tests? They can measure in parts per billion, which

Reducing dairy environmental footprint makes good business sense! by: Dairy Farmers of Canada

Source: Dairy Farmers of Canada Did you know that greenhouse gas emissions from Canadian dairy farms have gone down an average of 1% a year between 1990 and 2012? Today, dairy production in Canada represents less than 2% of Canada’s total GHG emissions. Today’s cows produce three times more than 50 years ago, thanks to

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