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8 facts you should know about milk and antibiotics by: Guy Séguin

Are you confident that Canadian milk on your store shelves is free of antibiotics? You should be! Here are eight reasons why: It is the law! In Canada, all milk is tested for antibiotic residues before a processing plant will accept it. How sensitive are the tests? They can measure in parts per billion, which

Reducing dairy environmental footprint makes good business sense! by: Dairy Farmers of Canada

Source: Dairy Farmers of Canada Did you know that greenhouse gas emissions from Canadian dairy farms have gone down an average of 1% a year between 1990 and 2012? Today, dairy production in Canada represents less than 2% of Canada’s total GHG emissions. Today’s cows produce three times more than 50 years ago, thanks to

Growing pains, how to get more heifer calves by: Mel DeJarnette

Mel DeJarnette, director of technical research, Select Sires Inc.   I thought that title might get your attention! Seems like everyone is interested in how to get more heifers from A.I. these days. Herd expansion is one reason for a high heifer demand and a second reason is often less than desirable conception rates. Because

Scheduling Spray Operations when Time is Short: 10 pointers for prioritizing the tasks to ensure everything gets done with the least risk, by: Tom Wolf, Ph.D. P.Ag.

It’s a common problem with farm work.  Too much to do, not enough time to do it in. In an industry where everything we do is time sensitive, the stakes are high. Marketing grain. Purchasing inputs. Seeding. Spraying. Harvesting. A few days outside of the optimal timing window for any of these activities can be

There’s no monopoly on supporting dairy, by: Pierre Lampron

Canadian and U.S. dairy industries are fundamentally different. While Canadians enjoy stable prices and supply, the US market is vulnerable to unexpected surplus of product, driving prices down for farmers and disrupting the market for consumers. President Trump’s latest attack against Canadian Dairy is misguided and does not solve the fundamental issues surrounding the instability

Bringing food to the classroom, by: Amy Dunslow, OCT, AgScape Teacher Ambassador

Experiences of an AgScape Teacher Ambassador Growing up in Chatham-Kent (Ontario), I had the privilege of learning about agriculture first hand – by visiting farms, eating fruits and vegetables bought at the local farm stand, and running through the fields across the street from our home.  Even though I didn’t live on a farm, I

What I learned during my summer research by: Kathleen Roney

As a second-year veterinary student at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM), I found that I had quite a few options available in both clinical and research settings when it came time to search for summer employment. I was drawn to research by the promises of a flexible schedule and a chance to broaden

On NAFTA: Don’t Blink! by: Pierre Lampron

With Ministers from Canada, the United States, and Mexico converging on Washington this week for what could be a final push to close out the renegotiation of NAFTA, dairy farmers’ message to the Canadian negotiating team is simple: don’t blink! To this point, the Canadian team, led by Minister Freeland and Chief Negotiator Steve Verheul,

Protect the One and Only Sm1 Gene by: Midge Tolerant Wheat Stewardship Team

Anyone who has grown Midge Tolerant Wheat is familiar with Sm1 – the single gene responsible for midge tolerance. Growers of Midge Tolerant Wheat count on Sm1 to protect their crop yield and quality and follow specific stewardship practices to preserve its effectiveness. If tolerance is lost, it could cost growers $60 million annually and

Would the real factory farm owner, please stand up by: Kim Waalderbos

I must confess: I’m a word and math nerd. I’ve been intrigued by how letters and numbers puzzle together for as long as I can remember. Yet, one puzzle has me stumped. Factory farming. You see, in my three decades (and counting) in agriculture, I’ve never heard anyone in farming actually use this term to

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