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“The Art of Palpation” An Ode to Repetition by: Shannon Finn

Ahh palpation. Sometimes your hands can be your most valuable diagnostic tool! While small animal vets do rectal palpation (with one finger) to feel for things like anal glands and the prostate gland, the palpation I’m talking about today is rectal palpation in large animals. It truly is one of the most valuable skills to

NAFTA, CPTPP, Mercosur: trade is in the news by: Pierre Lampron

There has been much activity on the international trade front in the past weeks and months, including the conclusion earlier this week of the latest round of North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) re-negotiations. Held in Mexico City, round 7 of the re-negotiations saw some progress with 3 more chapters closed, out of approximately 30.

The Dairy that Strives to be Different by: Dana Stoyberg

When a person hears the words ‘dairy farm’ one of the first things that comes to mind is probably the signature black and white Holstein dairy cattle. But as you walk on the property of Primrose Farms, there isn’t a purebred Holstein cow in sight. Primrose Farms is one of the only Fleckvieh dairy farms

DFC reacts to the Government’s assessment of potential economic impact of CPTPP by: Pierre Lampron

On February 20, the Government of Canada announced the release of an analysis on the economic impacts of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), which includes those of market access concessions made on the dairy sector. This analysis shows an expected increase of $135.1 million in dairy imports as a result of

Cause of bovine digital dermatitis elusive by: LARISSA GOLDSMITH

For more than four decades, a painful disease has plagued dairy cattle – and a team of Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM) researchers are rethinking the causative agent. Since 1974 when the first case was identified in Italy, bovine digital dermatitis (BDD) or heel wart has spread to almost every dairy-producing country in the

Why do dairy farmers participate in research? By: Korb Whale

Our farm is close to the University of Guelph. My father is a Guelph alumni having graduated in 1970, and my mother’s father, George Jones, taught in the Crop Science department for many years. He was renowned for his thought-provoking lectures, his outreach directly to farmers, and the development of corn and soybean varieties as

TPP II: Hedging against NAFTA, and America BY Sylvain Charlebois

Even as the North American free-trade agreement talks continue, we’ve learned that the Trans-Pacific Partnership is not dead after all. In fact, the trade deal among Pacific Rim countries has a new name: the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP). Along with Canada, it includes Japan, Mexico, Malaysia and seven other countries. The

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Innovation and technology How Facebook Helped Me Make Friends With GMOs By Julie Mellor-Trupp

I’ve been obsessed with good health and nutrition since I was a teenager. As a young mom, I did everything possible to ensure my kids’ good health. I chose organic and natural foods, and used all-natural remedies, pesticides, and cleansing agents – only the best. My guidebooks were the myriad of materials provided by health

Preparing for Soybeans in 2018 By: Dale Risula, PAg, Provincial Specialist, Special Crops

Soybean seeded area has realized significant growth in Canada since 2000. The acres have more than doubled and the drive is being led by increases in western Canada. Manitoba has seen more than a 3,000 per cent increase during that time. Saskatchewan growers more than doubled their seeded area from approximately 250,000 acres in 2016

Stored Grain Insect Management during a Canadian Prairie Winter, By: Blaine Timlick

Having grain rejected by an elevator manager due to the discovery of insect pests is troublesome and can be expensive and difficult to market the commodity. Stored grain insect pests such as the Rusty Grain Beetle and many others can attack grain right from harvest and throughout the early fall. They are attracted to the

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