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Delving into diagnostics By: Roxana Lelewski

During my time here at Tsolum Veterinary Clinic, I have been lucky enough to have exposure to various diagnostic imaging modalities, one of which has been ultrasound. Both large and small animal ultrasound practice with various veterinarians has made me more comfortable working with this imaging modality, and has been an important part of continuing

Why I want to be a farm animal vet By Shannon Finn

Ever wondered what it takes to be a veterinarian? As a fourth year veterinary student at the University of Guelph’s Ontario Veterinary College, I thought I’d give some background on the process, and our role in Canadian Agriculture. I grew up in Baden, Ontario – a beautiful and agriculturally rich area of Southern Ontario, and

Canadians want Canadian milk and dairy products By: Pierre Lampron

Over the last few years, science has proven that not only is dairy fat not harmful to health – it is actually beneficial. As a direct result, Canadians have been demanding more dairy products; in particular higher fat products like cream, butter and cheese. In response to this increase in consumer demand, farmers increased milk

Could brushes give clues to cattle health? By: DEANNA LARSEN

If a dairy cow uses the automatic brushes less or more during a lameness or injury, the devices could be an early detector. Could the grooming behaviours of dairy cows be used to tip off the farmer that a cow’s not feeling well? That’s the question researchers at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM)

DFC Reacts to the TPP-11 Ministerial Declaration by: Pierre Lampron

According to today’s Ministerial Statement released from the TPP-11 talks in Da Nang Vietnam, no final agreement has been reached on a TPP-11 deal without the United States. Ministers from participating countries have indicated that they will continue to try to resolve several outstanding issues prior to concluding an agreement – the timeline for this

Tracking dairy heifer parasites in Saskatchewan by: TRACI HENDERSON

Scott’s interest in cattle stems from growing up on a beef farm near Lacombe, Alta. Now a graduate student pursuing a Master of Science (MSc) degree at the WCVM, she’s part of a research group that’s investigating the prevalence of gastrointestinal nematodes – parasites – in Saskatchewan dairy cattle. Gastrointestinal nematodes are present in dairy

Harvesting the Benefits of Growing Winter Wheat By: Paul Thoroughgood

With high performance and profits from their 2016 winter wheat crop in their pockets and the promise of continued returns in 2017, many farmers across Western Canada are harvesting the benefits of growing this fall-seeded crop. “The 2016 winter wheat crop showed great winter survival and really expressed itself through excellent returns and quality,” says

Fall Rye’s Potential for Profit By: Joel Peru, PAg, CCA, Irrigation Agrologist

Producers often don’t think of fall rye as being a high-grossing crop. The development of hybrid fall rye varieties with high yield potential and improved grain quality may change that perception. These hybrids offer many benefits compared to their open pollinated counterparts, including reduced height, higher yield potential and better quality, allowing access to more

NAFTA Round 4 – What does the U.S really want? by: Pierre Lampron

As the fourth round of NAFTA talks concludes in Washington, one can’t help but wonder if the United States is serious about the re-negotiations – and if not, what their intentions truly are? The Government of Canada has been clear that they will not negotiate in public or through the media. Dairy Farmers of Canada

How often should I trim my cows? by: Koos Vis

Today’s burning question: hoof trimming frequency If you ask five people how often your herd requires hoof trimming, you may end up with six opinions. OK, that’s probably stretching it a bit but the fact remains that opinions on this matter vary greatly. When dairy producers ask me this question, I tend to start the

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