Hoyt dairy farm’s history showcased in new book


Source: CBC News Canada

Farm established 247 years ago represents New Brunswick in book about Canada’s dairy history

A New Brunswick dairy farm is a little more famous this year.

Dixon Valleyview Farms in Hoyt, now owned by Diana and Kevin Conroy, was chosen to represent New Brunswick in a book by Dairy Farmers of Canada celebrating the history of dairy in Canada.

The couple weren’t in the dairy business until they bought the farm two years ago and moved from Ontario to Hoyt, about 50 kilometres south of Fredericton.

Kevin said he didn’t know the extent of the farm’s history until he started looking into it for the book, which is called Dairy Farmers, Deeply Rooted for a Strong Future.

“We had some idea that there was some history here, but we didn’t know exactly how much,” said Kevin.

“But then as we started talking to some neighbours and we found out that there was a lot more.”

It was then that Kevin asked for the help of a neighbour, who also happens to be a historian.

Granted land in 18th century

“He come up with quite the history report,” said Kevin.

“Well, 247 years ago, a man named Daniel Smith was granted the land by the government and his family successfully farmed this piece of land for the next 100 years,” Diana said.

“Since then, it’s been held by a few different owners. But the interesting part of that is that it has continued to be farmed until now, until us. It’s always been a working farm.”

When the Dairy Farmers of Canada heard of the Conroys’ farm, the organization decided to look it over. The Conroys were told the decision was between their farm or another farm, and their farm won because of its age.

“They said we we had the an interesting story,” Kevin said. “It seemed to be the oldest farm in the province and it just kind of went from there.”


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